How do I Calculate my BMI?

BMI measure is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the squared height in meters.

For example, if your weight is 80kg and your height is 1.80m, the formula for calculating BMI will be:

BMI = 80 ÷ 1.802

BMI = 80 ÷ 3.24

BMI = 24.69

According to the BMI chart, you are at your ideal weight.

Another example

If you weigh 210lb and measure 72in, you have to convert these values first:

To convert your weight from pounds to kilograms, you must divide the number by 2.205:

Weight in kg = 210 ÷ 2.205

Weight in kg = 95.2544

To convert your height from inches to meters, you must divide the number by 39.97:

Height in meters = 72 ÷ 39.97

Height in meters = 1.8288

The BMI calculation will be:

BMI = 95.2544 ÷ 1.8288 2

BMI = 95.2544 ÷ 3.3445

BMI = 28.48

According to the BMI chart, you are overweight.

If you prefer to avoid this pile of calculations, fill out the form in the homepage with your weight and your height. Your BMI will be calculated and shown immediately.